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Happy New Year!

♦ By Heather McDowell ♦ Posted in NewsComments Off on Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

On Sunday we united with our friends from Stoke Poges Free Church for our first All Age Service of 2018.

We heard from Lewis Fry, Pastor at the Free Church, about choosing wisdom over riches (or a red Lamborghini!) and that we should listen to what God says we should do; not be bullied or persuaded to do the opposite.

We learnt a memory verse with TJ…

  1. TRUST in the Lord
  2. With ALL your heart
  3. NEVER rely
  4. On what you THINK you know.

(Proverbs 3 verse 5)

… and came up with some sayings of our own to help us to live as God asks (on the flip chart).

With beautiful worship music and fab bacon sarnies, we put in our best team effort. Great work everyone!

P.S. If you can help with bacon sarnie cooking at a future All-age Service, please get in touch with us at the church office. Make a date with a mate – thanks!

published 9th January 2018



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