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Celebrating God-given LifeGod gives us so much, many choose to come and celebrate the special events of their lives in our church buildings.


George Tow Baptism

Families who live outside the parish who wish to arrange a baptism in Stoke Poges must please first have gained the consent of the minister in their parish.

If you would like to discuss Baptism
please contact Natasha via the church office.


Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey at which you affirm for yourself the faith into which you have been baptized and your intention to live in the way of Jesus. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact Natasha via the church office.

Getting Married

couple blessed - small pic

The Church of England provides for
couples to get married within their
Parish of residence or at the Parish
where they are regular worshipping

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funeral photo

We love to celebrate a life well-lived
and seek to remember the dead with
joy and gratitude to God, our Creator
and Redeemer. If you are suffering after
the loss of a loved one or are fearful as
you face your own death, we’d
encourage you to speak to Natasha via the church office

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Hands praying

Whether you are a child, young person
or an adult, learning to pray is easier
than you might imagine! Millions of people
of every age pray every day. If you would
like to join us in learning to pray or would
like us to pray for you
please contact the church office



We include regular prayer for healing
at our services.

If this is something you’d like to
discuss with us please contact the
church office.