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“I am the resurrection and the life” said Jesus. He lived our life and died our death. He rose from the dead so that we may live forever. We can face death with hope. In the midst of sorrow and pain, we trust in our Saviour and pray for his comfort.

Today we live in a death-denying culture – many people live as if they will live forever. But at our church we recognise the reality of death and entrust our lives to God’s everlasting arms. We want people to make the most of each day – living life to the full by giving ourselves to God and each other.

We love to celebrate a life well-lived and seek to remember the dead with joy and gratitude to God, our Creator and Redeemer. If you are suffering after the loss of a loved one or are fearful as you face your own death, we’d encourage you to speak to one of our clergy.

Please contact them via the church office