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♦ By Tina Edwards ♦ Posted in MidweekNo Comments on Prayer

From earliest times, Christians gathered at regular hours during each day and night to respond to God’s word with praise on behalf of creation and with intercession for the salvation of the world. We have a variety of prayer meetings and St Giles is open during day light hours for personal prayer and reflection and St Andrew’s chapel Friday Lunch time –  see the calendar for details.

Give prayer meetings a try

“I attend a prayer meeting where we pray for the sick and those in need.  Each of us has the opportunity to share our week or any prayer needs.  it’s good to put time aside for the Lords.  When we go through difficult times or are supporting others who are its great to have the support of a prayer group – we have had lots of prayers answered.” 

Pilgrim Prayer

Over the summer 2011 the Oxford Diocese ran the Pilgrim Prayer project.  
Here is a link to the Pilgrim Prayer Guide for St Giles which was drawn up as part of the project.

For specific dates, please check the calendar.

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