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Supporting other charities

Each year Stoke Poges Church aims to give 10% of its general fund income to other charities. This usually amounts to between £16,000 and £18,000.

In 2014 we began an exciting new charity project with the Nepal Leprosy Trust making it our partner charity – see more details below.

In addition we continue to support various global and local charities and these include the Barnabas Fund, Worldshare, Compassion, Crisis for Christmas, the Children’s Society, the Royal British Legion, SHOC, St. George’s church in Britwell and Wycliffe Hall a theological college in Oxford.

To find out more about any of these organisations, click here.

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NLT. newsletter summer 2019

Charity Partnership – Nepal Leprosy Trust

Thank you to everyone who bought cakes last Sunday we have raised just under £400.  Check out our church BLOG for an update on how the money will be used follow this link – World Leprosy Day.

We are planning a cake sale at both churches to support the Nepal Leprosy Trust with all the work they do in eradicating Leprosy.

For more information on their work and a review of 2018 please see the attached documents.

NLT UK winter 2018 newsletter final 

NLT review for 2018

In 2013 the PCC asked the congregation to nominate Christian charities with projects overseas that the church could partner and support with a large sum of money.

It was decided to support the “Nepal Leprosy Trust’s”  Self Care Training Centre as our special charity project.  This Christian charity was the front-runner following the lunch and works with people affected by leprosy and their families in Nepal.

The project will teach people who have been physically damaged by leprosy how to manage their disabilities in the context of everyday life. Leprosy is a significant disabler of people in Nepal and the manual nature of their lives can make it very difficult for them to care for limbs and eyes that have lost feeling due to nerve damage caused by leprosy. “Self-care training” provides the skills and knowledge necessary to prevent further disability, whilst still carrying on with normal life to the degree that they can.

If you are interested in helping or hearing more, please contact Tina Edwards.

To download our latest leaflet please click on this link below
Nepal Leprosy Trust & Stoke Poges charity Partnership leaflet pdf version

Article about this Project click on the link below
Summer Magazine NLT article

Latest News from NLT

NLT UK winter 2018 newsletter  to download from NLT

NLT review for 2018

If you would like to pre-order the NLT book “A Touch of Providence” PREorder form for NLT book.  Here is the NLT Flyer 1

For news of the work of NLT in Nepal and fund and awareness work in the UK see the NLT UK newsletter winter 2017


The United Nations has declared this year the worst monsoonal flooding in Nepal for 15 years. NLT UK summer 2017 newsletter contains more details of the flooding and the work being done by NLT.

If you would like to donate to help, please use the donate button on the NLT website – here is the link. 

” Although the monsoon is a usually a joy for many farmers because it is essential for rice planting and transplanting – and Nepal faces severe food shortages in many areas – this year it has brought death, damage and destruction. In what the United Nations is calling the worst monsoonal flooding in Nepal for 15 years.”

NLT are giving thanks that there were no injuries or loss of life to staff or patients we are aware of, or damage to Kathmandu offices, there has been some minor damage to the hospital in Lalgadh, please pray for the relatives of staff who have had their homes destroyed.

Can we continue to prayer for everyone caught up in this dreadful disaster.

Photos from the the work in Nepal

earthquake relief Baramunch Earthquake relief to Gumba VDC 15June2015 - 140 Earthquake relief to Gumba VDC 15June2015 - 330 earthquake 26

earthquake 23 earthquake 22 earthquake 21 earthquake 18

   earthquake 14   earthquake 6   earthquake 1

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