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We are pleased to announce that Rev Natasha Brady will be starting work in our parish on Sunday 26th August and her formal induction to the parish will be on 6th September.  This start date is slightly later than previously advertised, as we have managed to secure a vicarage much closer to us whilst ours is being repaired.

Paul and Simon met with Natasha one April afternoon and asked her a few questions…

Natasha is currently Assistant Curate at St Mary’s, Rushden, Northants, having been ordained in 2015.  She is married to Jamie, and has 4 children: Sam, Elissa, Megan and Imogen.  Jamie is studying for a maths degree after a career in economics, Sam is a teacher in Kent, Elissa is at theological college and Megan and Imogen are taking their A levels this summer (so good luck to them!)

Natasha came to faith when aged 8, she decided to take herself to her local church and then found a renewal in her 20s after she had started a family and felt the need to be part of the church family again too.  After being involved in her local churches, and running away from ordination for a while, she was finally told to ‘just get on with it’ by another minister and is very glad that she took that advice.

We finished by asking what attracted Natasha to Stoke Poges – “I read on the profile that ‘the door is open – will you come in?’  That made me read more, and following a conversation with Rod Cosh, our Area Dean, I  took his advice to come down and have a look.  We couldn’t stop smiling from the moment we got out of the car at St Giles and I just knew that this was where God was calling me.”

Everyone is invited to Natasha’s induction but it will be a full house so please RSVP to the Church Office by 31st July. We look forward to welcoming her to Stoke Poges!