Two projects leading up to Easter

Images of Christ

images of christ
Throughout Holy Week, we would like to share your favourite images of Christ with the rest of the congregation on our blog, facebook and instagram pages.

What image springs to mind when you think of Jesus? What image stopped you in your tracks the first time you saw it? If you know the artist or would like to explain its significance to you, please do.

Please send your digital images to by Sunday 21st March.

(Above images: Royal Mail Christmas Stamp 2020 & "Christ and three mourners" or "The Lamentation of Christ" by Andrea Mantegna)

"Sticking Together" 
All Age - All Ability Easter Art Project

Pattern sampler
Can't paint or draw? Love to paint and draw? We need you ALL!

The plan is for EVERYONE who belongs to our church to produce at least one sheet of pattern of any size, which will then be made into a collage to put up in the church.

Your pattern can be made up of dark or light colours, black and white, stripy, spotty, wavy or any other abstract marks, splashes, fingerprints, anything! You can use whatever paper and colours you have at home. These sheets may be divided or shaped as we make the finished piece - so please don't include images of specific things or people, as they may not end up whole - but using flowers or other natural shapes in your patterns would be fine.

Please place your patterns in the folder which will hang outside the main door at St Andrew's or in the box in St Giles' between 10-3pm weekdays from Monday 1st - Friday 26th March.

The final piece will be revealed on Easter Sunday.

(Pattern inspiration clockwise above from Pitjantjatjara people, Paul Smith, Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock)


Our prayer for the nation continues...

Psalm 23 Full


Store Cupboard &
Good Neighbour Scheme 

To support those in need during this third lockdown, the Store Cupboard and Good Neighbour Scheme are coordinating two separate services. Please contact the relevant email or phone number depending on the circumstances.

If you would like to donate items to the store cupboard, please check our facebook or instagram pages for up to date items needed. Thank you!

Store Cupboard web page Jan 20
Heather McDowell, 07/11/2020