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Life Groups

A Life Group is a smallish (6–12) group of people from church, or those who want to know more about Christianity, who meet in church members' homes weekly during school terms, to encourage and build each other up, through; spending time in God’s presence, developing friendships, exploring and applying the Bible to our lives, and through prayer. 

We call them Life Groups as we support each other to "do life" together.  ‘LIFE’ was intended to represent the 4 elements of a LIFE Group’s focus:

We currently have three groups which meet on different evenings of the week and a new daytime group. Please speak to Natasha to see which group might suit you.

COP 26  - How can we engage with climate change as Christians and how are we called to respond?

This is the question the Wetherall’s life group are grappling with this term, with the help of a brilliant resource from Tearfund; Christianity and climate change is series of nine 5-minute films featuring Katharine Hayhoe, the internationally renowned Christian climate scientist.

Here’s what some Life group members have said about the films:

‘This course has been a powerful reminder that we can respond to the issue of climate change not out of guilt or fear, but as Christians out of love. Love for creation, love for nature and the planet, love for future generations and love for our neighbours particularly those disproportionally affected by climate change’

‘Katharine has been brilliant at giving a loving Biblical perspective on climate change – I am seeing this whole issue through a new lens.’

‘The 4th film prompted a really good discussion within our group about what we can practically do within our church to play our part to respond to the climate crisis’

‘I’ve really found this term’s life group series thought provoking, with the following quote really challenging me: “Climate change is not only an environmental issue. Climate change is a poverty issue. It’s a hunger issue. It’s an issue of inequality and injustice. It’s a human issue. And that’s why we care.”’

‘it has really opened my eyes and reminded me of the responsibility we have as Christians to care for creation’
Here are some suggestions we would like to share with you for the week of COP26:
1. Watch one or more of the films
2. Talk with others about climate change and listen to what they have to say
3. Pray for          
a) meaningful decisions and commitments to be made at COP26
b) for all those affected by climate change
As COP 26 enters the final week what would you add to this list?

Psalm 24  ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’