Updated 19/4/22

Current Covid procedures

Our remaining covid precautions for church services are as follows:

Mask wearing is optional. If someone is wearing a mask, this choice will be respected and it will be expected that this person would still prefer to keep socially distanced.

Chairs in St Andrew's are grouped to offer social distancing to those who would like it. For special services at St Giles' people will be invited to spread out and make use of all available areas.

From Easter 2022, Communion will be offered by intincture (dipping the wafer in the wine) with hand hygiene and mask worn by the server. People will be reminded to keep some distance when coming forward for communion and it will be taken standing up, away from the altar rail.

Refreshments will continue to be prepared and served by people who have undertaken basic food hygiene training and people will be reminded to respect others' wishes for social distancing when coming to collect refreshments.

Please contact the church office with any queries office@stokepogeschurch.org

Heather McDowell, 28/10/2020