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KiC at home 5Helping the children to join in with our "new normal" worship

Just because the buildings are closed doesn’t mean the church is inactive.  We can still worship and we hope our children want to too!
If you have been to St Andrew’s on a Sunday and are primary school-aged then you will know that we have games, craft activities and fun teaching, which looks at how the Bible applies to us today and how following Jesus’s example can help us each and every day.

How to re-create this at home got our brains whirring and our creative juices flowing … ‘what to do? what to do?’ as a very wise and honey soaked bear once pondered.
And so … ta dah!  KiC at Home bags were created.  Bags filled with activities and ‘stuff’ to help our youngest people to join in with church at home. Each one contains things like a map, stickers, a journal, dice, counters, games and a craft activity, a tea-light, bubbles and a stone. The bags are for you to keep, and to use … either during our Sunday service when the family is listening to the podcast, or at any point during the week - it’s entirely up to you.
To help you use the bag there is an explanatory sheet, giving you ideas of what you could do with everything.  It’s a little bit of KiC at home to help you to worship, explore your faith, and come close to God. PLUS each week, a small activity will be dropped off on your doorstep that follows the theme of the bible passage.  Take them in, do them, enjoy them and if you like, drop us an email or letter telling us what you’ve been up to and a picture of what you’ve created.
But that’s not all …. there’s more! At the end of our Sunday service sheet which is available to download with the podcast, is a ‘Roots children’s sheet’ . Print that off and you will have even more fun filled activities and puzzles to share and do together.
We do hope this helps our youngest members of the church join in with us, as we worship virtually week by week. If you need one of these bags, let the office know and we will drop one off.

What we look like "normally"...

Our children's groups 

Sunday Format

Every Sunday we meet at St. Andrew’s Church Centre on Rogers Lane.
The service begins at 10:45am with everyone meeting together in the main hall. After a couple of songs and prayers, the children depart for their own groups, according to their ages. The children remain in their groups until the service finishes, usually between 11:30 and 11:45am. On the 1st Sunday of the month, everyone stays in the main hall for the All-Age Service. A few times a year we have special services at St Giles' Church with different parts of the service for children to join in. Check the Home Page to see what's on this week.


For children up to four years of age. A combination of play, songs and story-telling in a warm and welcoming environment make this an enjoyable part of the Sunday morning routine for our youngest children.

KiC (Kids in Christ)

This group for primary school-aged children combines games, craft activities and fun teaching, looking at how the Bible applies to us today. We think about things like not following the crowd, always trying to do what’s right and learn about how Jesus' example can help us.

Read more about 7Up, our Youth group here (for Year 7 upwards).

Safety and Staffing

Each group is led by experienced and enthusiastic volunteers who will seek to present the Christian message in an exciting, age-appropriate and relevant way. The safety and well-being of the child is our first concern. Our aim is to make sure every child can be themselves in a safe and welcoming environment. Our leaders are all DBS checked and have safeguarding training.

We want the kids to have great fun whilst learning more about Jesus and meeting with Him.

tots' praise logo.001

On Monday mornings in term time, our Baby and Toddler group, Tot's Praise meets. We open at 10am with general play, coffee for grown ups and drinkannabiscuit for Tots! We push the toys aside for a sing-song at about 10.45 and close with Tidy Up Time at 11.30am.

If you have any questions about the programmes or want to know more about bringing your kids along on a Sunday then please Contact Us.